A Much Quieter Birthday

December 5, 2020

Today is my birthday. Normally this is a day that’s filled with baking and with friends sitting around the apartment enjoying each other’s company. This year things are a little different, but that’s the nature of 2020. 2020 has forced us all to adapt, to be more flexible, and to be prepared for more changes.

As birthdays go, this hasn’t been a bad one. Quiet. Low-key. Did I mention quiet? I only made two things to celebrate the day: an exceptionally decadent Semisweet Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Cream Filling and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. I’ve mentioned before that I think cakes are my biggest challenge as a baker; I’ve very seldom made one that I’ve felt fulfilled my aspirations. Yet I keep trying. There are so many flaws with this cake but I will not dwell on them because it’s my birthday, and it’s a damned tasty cake! I’ll share it with the neighbors, though, because Michele can’t really do whipped cream. They’re not getting any of the ice cream, however! That’s mine, all mine!

My other treat was an amazingly delicious roast chicken dinner! I always love, love, love, Michele’s roast chicken and this one was scrumptious! She outdid herself with it! Quiet. Low-key. And with a dinner that hit the spot! Seriously, not a bad birthday!

Next year, hopefully we’ll have contained corona and I’ll be able to have my traditional birthday afternoon tea…to mark the beginning of my 60th trip around the sun. And we’ll be hosting in our new apartment! So much to look forward to!

Here’s to another year of doing the things that brings us joy (or making the honest attemtp)! Fail or succeed, just do your best to live your best life. Be kind to your neighbors. Be kind to yourselves.

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  1. Grace+Vogelzang

    Wow. That cake looks insane. I wish we were there to celebrate with you…and (eat some of that roast chicken of Michele’s!) I love reading your articles. This one sums up how I’ve approached every holiday and celebration since March. We are all being given the gift of solitude and time to reflect on our lives and our passions, priorities and loves. One of mine is reading your blog. Happy birthday, sir. I hope to see you in person soon.

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