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GF Maple Cream Cookies

…And Four To Go!

March 26, 2023  I’m in South Jersey at my best friend Steven’s house. I don’t get to visit nearly as often as I’d like, so I decided to make the most of it and bring a couple of baked goods with me, and planned on baking something else when I…

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Morning Cuppa Joe and all's well!

Cakes, And Pies, And Family, Oh My!

August 11, 2022 A couple of months ago I got off the fence and bought a plane ticket to visit my brother and his family in San Diego, spurred on by a birthday text from my youngest niece, Denise, in December. She and I had baked biscuits together when I…


Seder 2022…Finally!

April 27, 2022 Two weeks ago we attended our first Seder celebration in two years. The two years that COVID kept us all from gathering at the table has been the longest decade of my life, let me tell you. I’m not Jewish but there’s something about this particular Passover…


Unintended Hiatus

May 24, 2021 From writing but not from baking. In January we moved from the Upper West Side down to East Midtown. Why move in the middle of a pandemic? You do what you have to do when you have to do it. Suffice it to say our old landlord…


A Much Quieter Birthday

December 5, 2020 Today is my birthday. Normally this is a day that's filled with baking and with friends sitting around the apartment enjoying each other's company. This year things are a little different, but that's the nature of 2020. 2020 has forced us all to adapt, to be more…

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Election Expectations

I won’t lie. I’ve been more than a bit concerned as the election’s gotten closer. We are truly at a turning point here in our country. We’ll either choose a path that will, with hard work and commitment, lead to a society that embraces equality in all its forms, pursues…

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The Closet Door of Thanks

We Are Still Here

I had planned a different topic to be the subject of my first post in this redesigned baking journal. That post is already uploaded as a draft and waiting for me to publish it. That’s going to have to take a back seat for now  because this thought came to…


Parcels Against The Pandemic

This was going to be the welcome to the new layout for my baking journal, but my previous post usurped that honor. Still, it's worth mentioning that I worked with a good friend who is a Website designer on this new version because the previous one was hell to update…



I'm sure the recipe my mother used for this cheesecake came from the Philly Cream Cheese box. That doesn't make it any less delicious nor does it lessen the joy of my memories of her serving it up at family gatherings. Below is the recipe, with my alterations.


March 23, 2019 Tuesday 8:00 a.m.

A Suite of Seder Desserts I have the great fortune to be frequently invited to a Seder meal hosted by two good friends. Every year they find space in their Queens, NY apartment for a gathering of at least a baker's dozen (or more) of guests to read the haggadah…