Bakecation 2018 – “We are our own village.” ~ Me

Every year I take vacation days between Christmas and New Year’s Day; my workplace slows down enough so that it’s a no-brainer decision . I generally use that time to chill out, catch upon chores, visit with friends, and the like. This year I did all that also fell into an unplanned “bakecation”. For 11 days straight I either baked something or prepped something to bake the next day. 11 days of plunging my hands into flour, weighing ingredients, rolling dough, popping tins into the oven and pulling them out again, and filling the apartment with aromas that blended into a swirl of joy. I even re-took a bread basics class (more on that later) which helped me tremendously during the time off. If The Temptations are right, then I made a bit of heaven right here in my kitchen! (Slideshow down below!) Almost everything I made was the best of it’s kind that I’d ever done! Okay. Some of them were the first I’d ever done but that’s beside the point.

The point is I baked to my heart’s content and in doing so opened up new avenues for self-expression, self-exploration, and desires to share what I make and learn. The time I spent contemplating recipes – deciding what would be fun to make, what would survive shipping the best, what would cause the biggest smiles on the faces of the folks I gave the baked goods to – was also time I spent subconsciously analyzing my desire for baking and need for connecting with my people. And by “my people”, I don’t just mean my biological family; I also mean my family of choice – which is an ever-growing group. I posted the above quote on a friend’s social media page in response to his question about how to survive the forces of hatred, intolerance, and fear swirling around us. It takes a village to raise each other up, support each other, care for each other, protect each other. We are that village. By dint of flour, water, yeast, salt, and sugar I pledge to support my village.

To that purpose I send cakes to a friend suffering a sudden unemployment and a bout with the creeping crude going around, cookies and sugar cubes to another friend who’s father-in-law died, cakes and gingerbread men to my siblings (and their kids) and my father, made sweet palmiers for a friend who was laid off, and sent more cookies and sugar cubes to another friend who, after many mysterious symptoms, was finally diagnosed with lyme disease. These are small efforts to be sure, but they’re the ones I can make.

May my village stay strong.

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11 Mini Hot Cocoa Cake - 12-20-2018-1
3 Mini Hot Cocoa Cake - 12-20-2018-3
12 Gingerbread Men - 12-26-2018
10 Mini Hot Cocoa Cake - 12-20-2018-2
9 Mini Hot Cocoa Cake - 12-20-2018-4
8 Challah - 12-29-2018-1
7 Challah - 12-29-2018-3
6 Mincemeat Cookie Tarts - 12-24-2018-2
5 The Bounty - 12-27-2018
4 My Epis - 12-27-2018-2
2 J Eric Hot Coco Mini Bundt Cakes- 1-02-2019
1 Sweet Palmiers - 12-25-2018
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