Election Expectations

I won’t lie. I’ve been more than a bit concerned as the election’s gotten closer. We are truly at a turning point here in our country. We’ll either choose a path that will, with hard work and commitment, lead to a society that embraces equality in all its forms, pursues justice over retribution, and truly seeks to care for the least among us, or we’ll chose the path of hatred, anger, violence, and abuse. I voted for the former because the latter is unconscionable. It’s inspiring to see how many people in my circles have chosen similarly but it’s disheartening to know just how many people are willing to vote for more of the same. It hurts my soul to see just how many people in the country are willing to hurt and disenfranchise their fellow Americans just because they hate and fear what equality will bring. In all honesty, though, this isn’t something I’ve been unfamiliar with my whole life. It’s just sad to see that at 58 we’re still having to deal with it. Perhaps this election will finally give us a chance to right so many of the wrongs that are woven into the fabric of our society. So implore you to, if you haven’t already, VOTE! Your voice needs to be heard! But please remember you’re not just voting for yourself, you’re voting for the people who help you make up the citizenry of this nation. What you do has an effect from coast to coast.

It’s been difficult to find the wherewithal to write about my baking during the last couple of months because of intensity of the socio-political atmosphere. I’ve baked plenty, though! Even as I type, I have dough rising for next week’s household loaves, and there are apples waiting to be peeled and cut for pies. I have pictures to post and even some recipes that I’m finally comfortable enough with to share. All in good time. However, with the pandemic continuing (and going into its second wave here in NYC) we won’t be having the normal holiday gatherings, nor will I be celebrating my birthday with the traditional Afternoon Tea. This casts a gloomy shadow over the next couple of months but, as I have all year, I’ll find ways to share the desserts that come out of my oven. I’ll find a way to circumvent the deliberate crippling of the USPS and get baked goods to family for sure!

Four years ago I truly started baking in earnest, meaning I began making a point of baking, or planning baking projects, several times a week. At first it was out of rage because of the results of the election but that rage baking evolved into Resistance Baking, which I’ve previously described here. No matter which way this election swings I will continue baking for the Resistance because we’ll still have so much hard work to do to reach into the soul of our nation and feed it with love, honesty, and compassion. 2016 was a catalyst that started me on this journey. 2020 has made it quite clear to me that I have so much more to share…and so very much more to learn about the craft.

Well, since this is a journal about my baking, here are a couple of pictures from some of the bakes I’ll be writing about in the near future:

Apple Tart
Sweet Potato Tarts

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  1. Mary

    Rage baking to Resistance baking… praying it’s time for Renaissance baking!

    1. Carlton Baker II

      Renaissance Baking. Yes, that is my prayer as well, dear friend.

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