October 14, 2018 Sunday 12:23 p.m.

What to do when you need to burn off exhaustion and nervous energy fueled by anxiety brought on by waiting to hear from your father the day after he’s gone through the worst hurricane to hit Florida in 25 years? He had to shelter in place and we kept touch with him via text messages while the storm raged around him, ripping up his house. We heard from him just after Michael had passed but then nothing for almost 24 hours. Yes, he and my uncle (who’s living with him) made it through, but they spent the night without power, in a house that, by his own report now had holes in the roof and a collapsed chimney.

Messages to and from cousins filtered in through Facebook and slowly but surely we learned that all of our relatives in that area (we have lots of family in Northern Florida) made it through unharmed but no word from our father. It wasn’t until almost 4 p.m. the day after landfall that I got a call from him. He was on his way to Jacksonville, to my Auntie Dot’s house, with Uncle John. Relief doesn’t cover what I felt; it was just so wonderful to hear his voice! Almost 24 hours of dread sluiced off my spirit.

And that exhaustion and anxious energy? I turned it into my first galette using a recipe from Buy This, Cook That.

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